Lent Burden Farming

Steps of Development

A complete plan and time table are essential to developing the very best orchards and vineyards. The following are steps that LBFI takes on each new project, whether large or small.

  1. Identify land with development potential
  2. Investigate soil quality
  3. Investigate water potential
  4. Investigate environmental issues
  5. Chose crop to fit the soil and water
  6. Create financial projections
  7. Prove water, drill test wells
  8. Negotiate lease/purchase land
  9. Create partnership legal entity
  10. Develop water source
  11. Perform land prep
  12. Install irrigation system
  13. Plant crop

Other steps may include obtaining a preplant winegrape contract; installing a grape trellis system; contracting purchase of nursery plants; raising equity money from limited partners; obtaining term loan financing; obtaining crop financing; contracting with nut handlers.